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She resigned from playing football at 41, had respiratory failure at 43
Respiratory failure survivor Tammy Spencer Bey (left) and her significant other, Barata, are mentors of the Pittsburgh Passion football crew. (Photograph politeness of Pittsburgh Passion)
All through each phase of her life, Tammy Spencer Bey has characterized herself as a competitor.

Cheer Mom Svg/Dxf/Png PNG, Football Heart

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She played softball since early on through secondary school. In school, Tammy was in a banner football crew.

She kept practicing while at the same time working all day, seeking after a graduate degree and raising three young ladies as a single parent.

At the point when her little girls were more seasoned, Tammy could at last do what she’d generally longed for – play tackle football.

In 2009, Tammy joined the Pittsburgh Passion as a wide recipient. The establishment is essential for the Women’s Football Alliance, an expert full-contact association.