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Charlamagne Tha God Confronted About His Alleged Problematic Views Toward Black Women

Plunking down with late-night anchor person Ziwe Fumudoh on her self-named show, Charlamagne Tha God confronted a progression of inquiries regarding his mentality toward Black ladies. As Ziwe barbecued the well known radio character, she referred to a few of Charlamagne’s past episodes with Black ladies.

Afro Women Mama Svg/Dxf/Png PNG, Confident Mother

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“Thus, you’ve had hamburgers with Lil’ Mama, Monique, Cassie, Azaelia Banks, your own co-have Angela Yee, the rundown continues endlessly without any end in sight,” she said.

The Breakfast Club have, nonetheless, communicated worry about the phrasing of her inquiry.

“Meats is a solid word,” he said.

In any case, the Showtime series have gone on with the cross examination.

“You’ve censured Black ladies,” she said. “So for what reason do you loathe Black ladies, precisely?”

Charlamagne rushed to safeguard himself.

“I love Black ladies,” he said.

As Ziwe seemed, by all accounts, to be gazing him down, Charlamagne attempted to make sense of why individuals would think he can’t stand Black ladies.

“I surmise I could see where individuals would agree that that,” he said. “To take those three or multiple times and set up them in a montage.”

The host stood firm on her position and continued with the Judge Judy-esque line of addressing.

“Three of multiple times?” she said. “Come on.”

It was inevitable before a montage showed up on the screen, showing a portion of Charlamagne’s showdowns with a few Black ladies who showed up on his show. Proceeding to go to bat for himself, the visitor said he was an entirely unexpected individual.

“Indeed, yes you’re an alternate individual consistently,” Ziwe answered.

As the two gatherings went this way and that about changing consistently, the host emerged with a relationship.

“Lets say I get compensated $5 per day to hit you upside the head,” she said. “Furthermore, I hit you upside the head ordinarily for 10,000 days and I make $50,000. And afterward on the 10,001th day say ‘I won’t smack anybody upside the head … ‘”